The Pro Series Line is sleek, European styling. Special design el- ements, like the wide radius high shelf and front ledge, help achieve this look along with the unique styling of the cast alumi- num knobs. These knobs feature a ValoxTM heat protection grip. Stainless steel wraps this equipment from the top shelf to the kick plate. The base is constructed of rugged 10 gauge steel. The standard 21⁄2” (64) diameter non-marking legs have a 5/8” (16) mounting stub that is extremely strong and is designed to mount easily.

PyroCentric™ Burner heads are standard.
Two rings of flame for even cooking no matter the
pan size.
PyroCentric™ 32,000 BTU 9KW anti-clogging burner with a 7,000 BTU/hr 2KW low simmer feature.
Optional, interchangeable Saute and Wok Jet burner heads.
Full width, stainless steel crumb tray slides out
for cleaning.
12” x 11” (305 x 279) front grates lift off easily for cleaning.
12” x 13” (305 x 330) back grates feature a hot air dam to direct heat back onto the pot.
Sized for positioning large stock pots directly
over burner.
Pots slide easily from section to section.
Heavy-duty cast iron construction.
Anti-clogging pilot shield protects the pilot
from grease and debris.
High performance linear burner provides even
heating throughout the 35,000 BTU 10KW oven.
Unique burner baffle distributes heat flow to provide even cooking temperatures throughout the 261⁄2” (673) wide oven.
Exclusive heat deflector reflects heat into the
oven, not the floor.
Deep oven cavity accommodates standard 18” x 26” sheet pans front-to-back and side- to-side.
Stamped inner door liner provides extra strength while improving heat retention.